Our success story

Krinner Christmas tree stands have been around for over 30 years. The success of our lower Bavarian company is based on the ingenuity of our founder, Klaus Krinner. His continuous drive to improve things led him to this invention. During the 1970´s as Klaus Krinner was in the farming industry, he was already modifying his own machines.

In 1989 he tried to put up his own Christmas tree with a traditional ‘screws and bolts’ stand, but could not get it straight. He then sat down and invented the Christmas tree stand with foot pedal and single cable technology. In 1990 after receiving a patent for his tree stand he founded the company KRINNER GmbH and shortly after had sold more than 30.000 units! Today, with more than 20 million tree stands sold, one can attest that this innovation has revolutionized the way families around the world put up their Christmas trees.

In 2006 we have extended our Christmas product range by introducing LUMIX – wireless LED Christmas tree candles. The energy saving LED Christmas tree candles can be mounted quickly and easily on the Christmas tree without the usual tangling of the cables. This idea of ‘safe’ candles with no fire hazard and the ease of use caught on right away. They have become a further product category generating turnover and have found their place in the market.

We are a small, powerful team of motivated colleagues who know to work hard. We are very proud to have the production of our tree stands right here in Bavaria, Germany. We also source the material in Germany. This shortens transport and gives us a much better CO2 footprint than other companies producing and sourcing in the Far East. This is our commitment to a better future and a less polluted planet.

For the most important celebration of the year – KRINNER