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FAQ tree stands

Flip your stand over to look at the underside of the foot pedal and locate the metal plate which engages with the teeth of the wheel. If this plate is stripped or bent it will no longer ratchet. This occurs when too much force has been placed on the pedal. Unfortunately, excessive force cannot be covered under Warranty.

This type of wear occurs during the setting up or removal  of the tree when the claws are pushed to the outside. This can also occur when taking out a tree that has a very thick trunk.The pressure created stretches the plastic around the claws and it turns white.

If only the area around the claws shows this type of wear, the structure of the stand is not impaired. However, if the claw is bent or broken continued use of the stand is not recommended. 

Please ensure that the diameter of the tree trunk is suitable for tree stand you have purchased.

Is the foot pedal in the UNLOCKED position? 
Does the pedal itself move? 
What happens when you push the pedal UP to release? If the ratchet system still does not release, gently
pull the cable out using pliers while you push the pedal upwards into the release position. Wear gloves to protect your hands. Note  that during this process the foot pedal must be in the unlocked position.

If you own one of the  Comfort, Premium or Green Line models, these stands are equipped with the patented safety belt which opens the claws in a step-by-step action. Continue to push the foot pedal up until the claws open.
If you own a Classic or Modern tree stand, the claws should open completely in one action by pressing up the foot pedal.  Make sure to push the foot pedal into the full release position.

If the bell does not ‘ding’ check the safety mechanism as follows: 
Manually release the locking mechanism by pushing the small red button on the underside of the pedal. When the lock slides into the red/locked position (even if you do not hear the bell) your stand is working properly and you can repeat set up with the tree. Please continue to pump the foot pedal until you either hear the bell ‘ding’ or the lock slides into red/locked position.

1. Move the pedal lock back and forth to free the mechanism. 
2. Press the red button on the underside of the foot pedal to manually release the mechanism. Then slide the lock back to the green/unlocked position. 
3. Gently press the foot pedal side to side, up and down, as much as it allows.

The Premium XXL model comes with a black plastic insert to be used for smaller diameter tree trunks. This can easily be removed for larger tree trunks. It slides in and out of the inner compartment. Please note that the claws must be in the full vertical position to remove the inner container.

The padlock is an additional safety measure for the series Comfort, Classic and Modern models. 
The Premium series comes equipped with an automatic locking mechanism.  Therefore these models do not require the padlock.

The claws need to be able to make secure contact around the trunk. You should not go smaller than 7 cm minimum diameter.

The Premium series has a minimum/maximun water level indicator. 
 Reset the indicator by pulling the indicator completely out of the slot with the tip of a pointed tool. When completely out, feel both the indicator and slot to make sure there aren't any surface inconsistencies or obstructions, like needles or sap. If clear, insert the indicator again.  If you feel a surface inconsistency in the slot: Gently sand the inside of the indicator slot, especially towards the bottom where the slot is closest to the water. There may be a subtle variation in the plastic preventing the indicator's free movement.
f there is sap on the indicator, wash with a gentle detergent. If there is sap inside the slot, use a moistened towel to remove any residues. Make sure there aren't any needles stuck in the slot and insert the clean indicator.
The Comfort series has a maximum water level indicator, that only shows when the tree stand is completely full with water to avoid overfilling. These cannot be removed. However the mechanisam can be lifted and turned slightly left and right to provent it sticking.

No, the spike at the base of the Krinner tree stand is essential to the stability of the tree when held in the stand. The spike forms a stable triangle with the tightened claws to hold the trunk upright. 
The soft wood of your Christmas tree needs the direct connection with the spike to initiate stability. A hole drilled in the bottom of the trunk prior to set up in the stand disables this connection and you risk your tree not to being stable in the stand.

Due to the necessary strengthening inside the unit, it may take up to a week or two for complete drying. It can help to turn the stand over a towel or utility sink. Allow the stand to air dry completely before storage.

Check your stand to see where the water is leaking. If the stand leaks from and around the foot pedal, the water reservoir may have been overfilled.
If the water is leaking from underneath the tree stand please contact us with a description of the problem and photos clearly showing the issue so we can assist. 
We advise checking your stand each year prior to use for leakage. Fill your stand with water and let it rest in a safe location.
For additional security we recommend using a waterproof barrier.

All returns must be processed through the retailer directly. The retailer has the liberty to set its own returns policy. Therefore please check your retailer’s returns policy before purchase.

Sand is the weighting medium in the outside ring of the tree stand. If you notice sand, this means the tree stand was broken in transit. Please do not use the unit. You will need to exchange the stand with your retailer.

We have the following parts available for sale if broken:

  • water level indicator

FAQ LED Candles

Have the candles been initialized as the batteries were installed? This is shown by the candle being permanently lit. If not, unscrew the battery cap one or two turns before tightening again.
Check if the batterie is installed in the candle in the correct way. The positve pole must be facing the candle light end.
Please try pressing longer on the on and off button of the remote control.
The distance between the remote control and the candles is possibly too big. Try to reduce this distance in order to reach all of the candles on the tree. You can also try to following the contours of the tree with the remote control.

The Lumix Superlight candles require AA batteries. The Lumix Superlight Mini candles require AAA batteries.

The LUMIX Superlight candle remote control requires 1x CR 2032 button cell battery . Normally the battery will last for many years. However it is neccessary to remove the battery from the remote control when not in use for longer periods (the months between Christmas). This prevents the battery leaking. 
An emty battery can be identified when the LED on the remote control does not light up.

Yes, you can. However the  light performance of the candles depends on the quality or power of the rechargeable batteries. Normally the light perfomance time is shorter as using alkaline batteries.

The light performance is generally over 21 days when with a daily usage of 4 hours.
However this time is reduced to the standby function of the candles, which also uses battery power for switch on connection with the remote control. Therefor the batteries should only be installed when they are going to be placed on the tree.

No, neither the candle head nor the LED itself are  interchangeable.

Your collection of LUMIX candles can be added to as much as you like using the starter or extention set. These can be operated by using the same remote control unit. If you extend your candles with a starter set the additional remote controll can be used as a reserve.

Older LUMIX versions are available in our online shop. When ordering please not that you will need the item number and the serial number of your existing candles. These can be found on the base of the green clip.

You can connect as many extentions as you like. You can also connect two basic sets using either one or two remote controls (using the same channel).