Innovation is
our tradition and
permanent thrive. 

– Klaus Krinner

What started back in 1988 in Germany (Bavaria) with the first ingenious idea today has become the company's worldwide  credo in multiple business areas. Krinner has been leading for decades with innovative products and services to leave an impact in the industry and the market.

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KRINNER Products

The Solar System

No concrete, environmentally friendly, ecologic and sustainable

KRINNER Products

The Ground Screw

Modern foundation construction without concrete

KRINNER Products

Wireless Christmas

Wireless, safe, elegant

KRINNER Products

Christmas Tree Stand

The Inventor's original

KRINNER Products

Lumix Swing Lights

The eye-catcher in your garden


Innovation is our Passion

Our company’s success story begins with the invention of Krinner Christmas tree stand with single cable technology. In 1990, after patenting his technology, inventor Klaus Krinner founded KRINNER GmbH in Straßkirchen, Lower Bavaria. His invention entirely changed the tree stand market with its traditional focus on ‘screws’ to hold the trunk. Today, over 90% of all tree stands sold in the European market are equipped with cable technology. “Innovation is my passion” says Klaus Krinner who, only a few years after inventing the tree stand, brought his second product idea to life – the ground screws. A quicker and much more efficient - not to mention environmentally sustainable - alternative to common concrete foundations. With its highly specialized products, Krinner Schraubfundamente GmbH has become a major player in the field of mounting systems for photovoltaic power plants. Today Ground screws are the core component of Krinner solar system solutions.

In 2006 Krinner GmbH successfully launched its latest product idea for Christmas – Lumix wireless, remote controlled Christmas Candles. The incredibly positive consumer response lead to a rapid product development of wireless lights, leading to today’s Lumix product family which delivers exactly what it promises – a secure and comfortable wireless Christmas time!




Please send your application with a professional résumé to the attention of:

Gerda Sturm

Passauer Straße 55
D-94342 Straßkirchen

T +49 9424 94 01-14
F +49 9424 94 01-49


We would be delighted to talk to you.

The email address you are using is no longer in service. Your email cannot be forwarded. For inquiries of any kind please use the following email addresses:

Ground Screws

If you are looking to contact KRINNER Ground Screws and KRINNER The Solar System, please write to

Krinner Schraubfundamente GmbH
Passauer-Str. 55
D-94342 Straßkirchen

T +49 9424 94 01 80
F +49 9424 94 01 81

service(at) *

Christmas tree stands & Lumix

If you are looking to contact LUMIX - Wireless Christmas Lights and KRINNER Christmas Tree Stands and - please write to

Krinner GmbH
Passauer-Str. 55
D-94342 Straßkirchen

T +49 9424 94 01 0
F +49 9424 94 01 90

office(at) *


If you are looking to contact the owner Klaus Krinner for company-wide questions, please write to

Krinner Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH
Passauer-Str. 55
D-94342 Straßkirchen

T +49 9424 94 01 14
F +49 9424 94 01 49

owner(at) *

* To prevent phishing we changed „@“ to „(at)“

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